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Eco-Friendly Accessories That Add Pop to Your Home

Eco-Friendly Accessories That Add Pop to Your Home

For decorative pieces that double as conversation starters, there are many eco-friendly options that add a pop of something special to your home. To create that eco-friendly chic look, look no farther than items you already have hanging around or can find at your local thrift store.

Here are some ideas for eco-friendly accessories:


Repurposed Shelving

Solid wood furniture

Great shelving areas for books, knick-knacks, and pictures make a living area look inviting and cozy. To give your home a pop of color, paint the back of existing shelves with a bright color that co-ordinates with your décor scheme. To add creative and eco-friendly shelving, repurpose old dressers, ladders, or even headboards for perfect storage solutions. 

Recycled Lighting

recycled lighting. more deals available at

With a simple lighting kit from your local hardware store, you can turn just about any recycled item into perfect ambient lighting. Try empty wine bottles for chic pendant lighting, cans for outdoor string lighting, or turn all those extra flower vases into the perfect lamps. 

Restored Frames

Reuse old picture frames and give them a new life by painting or refinishing them and using them to frame mirrors or chalkboards. Hang or use stands to position them anywhere in your house that could use a mirror or signage.

Renovated Art

Sometimes even the most random items can be restored and put to new creative use. For example, an odd bunch of old wire can become an eccentric and elegant art piece. You just never know where you might find beauty if you look hard enough.


Refurbished Tables

reclaimed scaffoled shelving table. luxury solid wood furniture available at
For a pop of creative fun, use odd items to make side tables, end tables, and coffee tables all around your home. Old luggage, for example, can be refurbished and turned into a table by either stacking multiple pieces together or attaching legs. 

Reused Glass

To give your home a new touch while staying eco-friendly, reuse the glass pieces in your home by turning them into something beautiful. Use paint or decoupage to give the glass a new and chic look. You can do this for decorative pieces, tabletops, and even glass doors.

Recovered Upholstery

Instead of buying all new furniture, save your wallet and the environment by recovering your existing upholstery to give everything a brand new look. Reupholstering isn't as difficult as it might seem, and you will be amazed at how new everything can look. 

Reclaimed Pillows

Use recycled and reclaimed materials to make decorative pillows for the whole home. For example, use old shirts, ties, or pieces of tattered blankets. You can find materials at any thrift store, or reclaim some of your own fabrics that you just don't use anymore.

With a few simple tools and a little work, you can turn just about anything into something new and beautiful. Use these ideas to bring an extra pop of something special to your home, and get that eco-friendly chic look effortlessly.